The Word Magazine

Launched in 2003 with Nick Cave on the front cover. The Word Magazine is published every month and won the coveted 'Music Magazine Of The Year' award in both 2007 and 2008. It is famous for the free CD entitled " Now Hear This" which is accompanies the magazine. The CD features fifteen tracks from forthcoming albums, giving listeners a preview of new releases.

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The Word is divided into two main sections with the front focussing on interviews and features while the back half of the magazine features reviews of new releases, concerts, movies and books.

The website which accompanies the Word Magazine also issues a weekly podcast which follows no fixed format. A second podcast called Backstage is also released on a regular basis with interviews with various high profile personnel.

The magazine is published by Development Hell, which was launched by ex Emap executives. The publishing house also owns the popular dance magazine Mixmag.

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