Q Magazine

Q Magazine was launched in 1986 as an antidote to what founders Mark Ellen and David Hepworth saw as the music press’s unwholesome preoccupation with youth culture. CDs were a new technology at that time, and Ellen and Hepworth believed that the more mature early adaptors were likely to be a target audience with enough disposable income to support a music magazine with high standards for photography and printing. Current back issues of Q Magazine which for sale are listed below.

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Q Magazine’s signature feature is its famous lists that have ranged from “The 100 Greatest Albums” and “Fifty Bands To Hear Before You Die” to the “Hundred Greatest ‘100 Greatest’ Lists.”

Like its sister publication Mojo, Q also alternates regular issues with special editions. Q is also the center pin to a successful media empire. There’s a full service Q radio station, a Q TV station, and yearly Q awards; the magazine also maintains a close relationship with the annual Glastonbury Festival.

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