Guitarist Magazine

Guitarist Magazine was launched in 1984 and is the longest running magazine of its kind in Europe, having celebrated its 25th anniversary late last year. Devoted to all things related to Guitars, the magazine's slogan is "The Guitar Player's Bible". There have been over 320 issues of the magazine and we have listed the available back issues below.

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Guitar Magazine is published monthly and reviews the latest guitars, guitar amplifiers and guitar accessories and also provides lessons on guitar playing technique which are accompanied by tablatur.

In addition to reviews, the magazine also features interviews with guitarists and articles on the guitar industry itself.  Historically, the main focus of the magazine over the years has been classic rock, with folk and blues music also heavily featured.  However in recent years it has also featured heavy metal on a regular basis.  The magazine is accompanied by a CD each month which features the lessons featured in that months magazine, it also samples sounds from the product reviewed in that particular issue.

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